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                Board of Directors & Trustees of Operations

O.D. Barns         Lewis Goins

Elbert Lweis      Dennis Mack

   Easter McMillan

Thomas Brown

Beverly Smith

Eddie Cole


                        A Message

            From the Board Members

We are sending out a Call to Action

to join us and become inspired and

to take part in this Foundation and Community's dream.

The HIK Foundation is dedicated to the children of our community, committed to Hoy Community and Jones County.

The HIK Foundation and its Board Members, along with Jones County in Laurel, Mississippi are on one accord for establishing this new venture for the new Recreational Youth Community Center


There is a vision we believe in for the youth of tomorrow, that is why we are committed to seeing this dream, this vision come true.

HIK Foundation

Board of Directors 

Lillian Jean McDonald

Secretary & Treasure

Christopher Heidelberg


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