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            The HIK Family Foundation                                   Building for the Future


                     Building For the Future

Here at the HIK Foundation WELCOME you to our Website & our Vision. We are really excited about Building for the Future. Our meaning of "Building for the Future" is: "the Children" , must be invested in, nurtured, and cultivated with skills that can carry them and their community, into the future.


We believe in empowering the children and their families by ensuring access to resources, education, critical development tools, and recreation.

For each one of these categories

 the Mind, Body, & Soul has been addressed,

resulting in a well rounded child, which grows into a

Well Rounded Adult. 

To ensure this process, the HIKFoundation

is picking up the responsibility to start somewhere & make a difference and it began with the donation of

(6.5) Acres of Land.

Our First Project and New Venture begins in Jones County, Mississippi and takes shape in the FORM of the "Youth Recreational Sport Center". With the help of the Hoy community and Jones County, ground has been broken on the 6.5 acres of land donated by this foundation, which helps to kick this Vision off to a wonderful start. 


         We need your help We can't do it alone

The Foundation is a Family based organization and operates under a vision that the children are the Future.

 The Vision

What we need and how you can help.


Creating a nurturing environment that the youth can develop confidence, skills and values that promote healthy lifestyles, academic success and leadership characteristics.


Providing opportunities for tutoring, mentoring, social development and recreation as well as exposure to the arts, technology and entrepreneurship.

Providing a safe, drug-free environment.

Focusing on the entire family unit with attention to mind, body and spirit.

        Our Mission Statement

The HIK Foundation is committed to Youth Development, the Hoy Community, and Jones County. Our mission is to developed the youth for tomorrow with tools of education, sports training, and mentoring programs.

The youth are our future and one of our most valued resources.  

We are on a mission to make miracles happen in the lives of our youth, their families, and this community. 

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